Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ministry Majors Aren't All What You Think

So, I’ve started my ministry classes, well let’s be honest, it’s only one class, and I have been observing the freshmen around me.  And they all seem almost completely different from the type of personality that I hold, but some seem almost fake.  So let me classify the type of people I’m speaking of.  The list below is the views and opinions of a few of the ministry majors I’ve noticed.

     1.      All ministry majors MUST list their favorite genre of music as Christian, and their favorite artists must be either Chris Tomlin, or Steven Curtis Chapman.
     2.      All ministry majors have to be as energetic as possible no matter what the time of day it is, but they also still have to complain that they’re tired.
     3.      All ministry majors must appear to be sinless, but claim to be monsters.
     4.      All ministry majors need to be as friendly as possible, specifically the girls, almost to the point of intrusiveness
     5.     All ministry majors need to be as active and physical when worshiping as possible, but only when it’s a song that’s catchy…
     6.      When worshiping with other ministry majors, they must compete to be as physical as possible, meaning they will actually have to be more active even if the song isn’t catchy enough.
     7.      When faced with political opinions, a ministry major must be far right republican.
     8.      Ministry majors should pay more attention to sermons in chapel than to Sample’s lectures in class.
     9.      Ministry majors think that SNU was built to satisfy them, after all it IS a Christian school.
     10.  If you aren’t wearing your faith as outwardly as possible, to the point of awkwardness, then you aren’t fit for ministry… (go sit over there)

Now that I finished making this list up it seems rather negative.  But I guess that’s just how I view a few of the people in my class.  It’s not reflective of everyone, by any means.  But it’s kind of a lesson to the fakers, if you like to put up a front of false Christianity, you’ll fool a lot of people, but some of us can still tell.


  1. ha I had to laugh out loud about how true this list is.

  2. It's make me sick that it's hard to distinguish
    An honest leader who preaches a cause
    That's not made, and not based
    On the profit you'll receive from telling the world
    What line divides you from the sinners
    Who sow without growing believers